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Choose Highlights, Demi, Semi or Permanent all over color...Coloring your hair adds the Finishing touch to your style. Paul Mitchell The Color Permanent Cream Hair Color is the only low-ammonia permanent hair color with a natural beeswax base that's formulated for superior gray coverage while providing outstanding vibrancy, condition and shine. Unique conditioning system delivers consistent vibrant color at every level, puts the highest degree of dye into the hair without extensively raising the cuticle. The result is healthy, conditioned hair and will repair your while leaving behind rich true to tone colors that resist fading with outstanding shine..........Coloring with Confidence.



Price Variation


The "+" sign indicates price variation among service providers and is based on education and experience level.




         Root Retouch Color with Style                       $60+


         The Demi Permanent Color with Style           $60+


         Highlights with style                                       $95+


         Partial Highlights with style                            $70+


         PM Shines Semi premanent color                 $25+

                   (as an add on to any service)




         Men's color                                                    $35+



         * Creative Color Consultation Required *




         * Corrective color  Consultation Required *







    * Please schedule a complimentary consultation if you have any questions regarding any color service *


    + Prices are based on the level on the stylist and the amount of color needed to do the service***









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